An original game created by:

Charlie Coglianese
Michael Guo
Leo Shklovskii

for CPSC 478b

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Enter the underground world of the Yale steam tunnels where you, a mutant turtle, fight for Yale's freedom. The food cart people are hatching a plot to take over the Yale Corporation, and it's your job to make sure the campus is free of their foul trickery!

Featuring stunning, hand-modeled graphics in a true 3D world, you'll recognize the walls of Becton, Watson, and other Yale sites as you walk through the clouds of steam. Find forks, knives, maces, and other weapons to fight giant rats, butterflies, and foodcarts. And, turn up your speakers to hear the action.


  • Complete 3D world with original 3D graphics
  • Advanced particle engine to simulate clouds of steam
  • Sounds so you can hear the action
  • Game level editor to create your own original levels
  • Onscreen display with a minimap and health and shield meters
  • Collision detection
  • Seamless textures made from real Yale sites
  • Enemies with artificial intelligence to make gameplay fun

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Decent processor speed and amount of RAM
  • Decent graphics card preferred
  • Java 1.4 (for game level editor)


left and right arrow keys
turn character left and right
up and down arrow keys
move character forward and backward
q and w
left side step, right side step
space bar
j and k
move camera left and right around character
page up and page down
move camera up and down around character
reset camera position behind character