Panasonic CF-01

Panasonic CF-01Panasonic CF-01 with Expansion StandWith the lack of information out there (especially stuff in English) about this wonderful machine, I've decided to try collecting and posting as much information as possible. I've only had this machine for a few months now, but it was released in 1996. Soon afterwards, Panasonic gave it the ax, and barely anyone has heard of it. Recently, they've resurfaced...many of them brand new! To the left is mine with a wireless ethernet card running My-T-Touch. It detaches from the stand. I've shown it below next to a regular paperback book for comparison.

This computer works especially well for wireless web surfing, home automation, reading e-books, navigating with GPS systems, and playing card games. It's different from other tablets like the ePods One or PDAs like a Palm Pilot. Instead of running Windows CE, Palm OS, or some other stripped-down OS, it is a full-fledged computer capable of running Windows 95, 98, or NT. I've also heard rumors of Linux but haven't had the chance to try it out. That'll be my next project as soon as I upgrade the hard drive.


My-T-Touch 1.70 - Possibly the best on-screen keyboard I've seen yet. This is a demo, but it doesn't expire. The only problem is the nag screen, but it only comes up when you exit. They also make My-T-Pen, which I personally haven't tried.

Paragraph PenOffice 1.1 - Arguably the best handwriting recognition program available (MUCH better than Pen Services!). These guys are the same makers of Calligrapher, which is a great program for WinCE. This unfortunately is a 30-day trial version that times out, but there are ways around that. *Ahem*

Useful Links

Panasonic CF-01 Forum at Linux-Hacker - THE place to go. I check this site several times a day even though posts hardly go up that often. :)

Pen Computing Magazine: Product Showcase - Panasonic CF-01 - One of the few reviews around of the CF-01.

Touchbase Beta - Home automation program designed specifically for the CF-01. This link no longer works. If you have an archive of it, please email me.