Hello, world! Remember the late nineties when people put up personal web pages rather than using sites like facebook? As far as I'm concerned, that era never should have ended, as witnessed by this small attempt to take back the Web. But two decades later, life certainly has changed.

These days, my beautiful wife, cute rescue dog Tater, soon-to-be baby girl, and I live in San Francisco, California where I work to defend tech companies against patent lawsuits as an intellectual property litigation associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C. Prior to that and my time in law school, I was a web developer, during which time I did an AmeriCorps internship as a multimedia outreach coordinator with HandsOn Bay Area. Before that, I was an analyst at a small financial consulting firm in Boston. And previously, I was a student who held a wide variety of tech jobs over the years—including web assistant, computing assistant, webmaster and technical guru (actual job title one summer), and phone tech support. I've also taught the LSAT for Kaplan, tended bar, blogged, and more. I also hereby claim notoriety for inadvertently introducing the word "panlist" to the Yale lexicon, something I did not discover until years after the fact. (To set the record straight, "panlist" derives from "Pantheon list," "Pantheon" referring to the cluster of servers on which mailing lists used to reside—not from the word "pan," which makes no sense.)

As I have time, I am reviving some websites I used to run and am un-archiving all sorts of random junk. Here are some links of interest: